A child needs our help!!!


A child needs our help!!!

Anyone who wants to help the little Vassilakis call:
1. The paediatrician Giorgos Dimitriou on the phone 6971813999
2. Christina Simitsoglou on the phone 6986184942
3. The veterinarian Ifigenia – Anastasia Patiri on the phone 6932234557






Vassilis is just 9 months old and has a craniocerebral disorder (ie, the frontal bone is united and presents the so-called triangular headache). In order for the baby’s brain to grow properly and the eyes to return properly, surgery should be performed in two weeks.



Unfortunately, the state mechanism is stumbling and months have passed without giving the slightest attention to the problem that little Vassilis is facing.

Time is running out against little Vassilis because the surgery is scheduled for October 9th, 2019 at a private clinic in Athens. Little Vassilis’ parents informed us that the fundraising account will be given this Friday, so that it can be publicized and anyone who wants and can help financially. The amount that needs to be raised is around € 30,000.

«We ask for your help in order for our little Vassilis to have surgery and life be a normal life like any other human being,» the little Vassilis’ parents told us in a video recently made by zantetimes.gr




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