Incredible finds at the bottom of the Zante Harbor



Responsibility for the way we handle our marine environment on a daily basis is brought by the action organized by the Aegean Rebreath team in Zakynthos last weekend in collaboration with Zakynthian volunteers.

Photo source: Aegean Rebreath


The activity for which they had worked and prepared for several days the head of Group Clean Water Dimitris Kladis and our fellow diver John Pomonis , with the help of responsible group Environmental Consciousness Zakynthos Marineta Paganopoulou , included cleaning the harbor and more specifically in Porto.



What the volunteer divers, members of the Aegean Rebreath team and locals are doing, really make us feel ashamed and desperate: Huge quantities of plastic, car tires and dozens of supermarket carts are just below the bottom. The Aegean Rebreath team, which its representative told us a few days ago is not only limited to clean-up activities, but also extends to awareness campaigns stayed on the island for two days, and we don’t even want to imagine what it would be like if it dived elsewhere. of the port.





Photo source: dimitris kladis







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