NOW | Fire in the area of Askos Volimas Zakynthos


The forces of the Zakynthos Fire Brigade are on their feet once again in the last 24 hours as a new fire broke out in Volimes and specifically in the Askos area.

At the point, 20 men of the Fire Service are operating with 9 vehicles

The task of extinguishing the fire is particularly difficult as strong winds are blowing on the island.

The fire is burning low vegetation, while some houses that are not in danger are nearby!

Two Petzetels have been thrown into the battle, initially, and then two Canards are attempting to shoot down, while further airstrikes are expected from Eleusis.

The announcement of the Fire Service:

An ongoing forest fire in the area of ​​Volimes, Zakynthos. 20 firefighters with 9 vehicles and 4 A / F were immediately mobilized.

5:27 p.m. Latest Update: Air assistance has been requested to put out the fire and in the near future the Petzetels will make their appearance so that they can help as well!

17.37pm Petzetel-type firefighting planes are currently operating at the inaccessible spot in the Ascos Volimon area.

17.49pm The fire seems to be under control at this time as after the immediate intervention of Petzetel the firefighting work becomes easier. What is worth noting is that the fire reached a short distance in some of the houses in the area, but they were not threatened!








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