Snow, thunderstorms and stormy winds in coming hours


The new wave of bad weather called Dido will hit the evening hours in the western and southern parts of the country.

During the next two days of Tuesday and Wednesday, the events that will accompany the  barometric low  which will cause  bad weather will be local  heavy rainfall and thunderstorms , heavy  snowfall  in the mountainous and locally stormy winds.

On Thursday, the effects will be significantly reduced and the weather in several areas will temporarily improve, according to

In particular, rain is expected on Tuesday   and  local thunderstorms , initially mainly in the west and south, and gradually from noon to almost throughout the country. The phenomena will be locally  strong .

Snowfall  will occur in the mountains, which will be more severe in the west and north. There is an increased chance of snow in central and western Macedonia with altitudes up to 900 meters. Very  windy winds are  expected in the evenings in the Aegean.

The  temperature  will range in Western Macedonia from 2 to 9 degrees, Northern Greece from 2 to 13 degrees, the Continent of 6 to 13 degrees, in Central Greece from 5 to 14 degrees, in Western and Southern Greece 10 to 17, other continents from 7 to 16 degrees, the Ionian islands from 12 to 16 degrees, the islands of the North and Northeast Aegean from 7 to 15 degrees, while the rest of the Aegean islands and Crete from 10 to 18 degrees Celsius.

The  winds  in the North Aegean will blow east-southeast moderately to strong and gradually locally nearly windy 7 beaufort, but by night they will turn east and will be increased to stormy to very windy, 8 to 9 beaufort. In the rest of the Aegean the winds will blow southeast to strong with a gradual increase locally in near-stormy 7 beaufort and in the evening locally in the Dodecanese windy to very windy 8 to 9 beaufort, and in the western seas by mid-afternoon 5 beaufort. In the Ionian the winds will blow from different directions with intensities up to 5 beaufort and at the beginning of the day in the southern seaboard with intensities up to 7 beaufort.



In  Attica  expected initially cloudy with local showers and occasional thunderstorms, mainly in the eastern parts of the county, but later will occur rain and thunderstorms throughout the county, the phenomena to be locally intense. The winds will blow from southeastern directions with intensities of 5 to 6 beauforts and gradually increase to 7 beauforts, but from the afternoon hours they will turn southwest with intensities of up to 5 beauforts. Temperatures in the city of Athens will range from 12 to 15 degrees.

 Thunderstorms are expected in  Thessaloniki at times and occasional thunderstorms. Late at night the effects will intensify and sporadic storms will occur. Early in the morning the visibility will be limited. The winds will blow from the east to the weak to moderate, 3 to 5 beauforts up to the evening hours in the almost windy 7 beaufort. The temperature in the city center will range from 9 to 12 degrees.

Forecast by EMI:

Wednesday (11-12-2019) and Thursday (12-12-2019) Forecast  : Heavy rains are expected in eastern Central Greece, Euboea, western Macedonia, as well as in central Macedonia, Thessaly, and Sporades where intervals will be very strong.

In the early hours of Thursday, the intense effects will be confined to Thessaly and the Sporades and will weaken.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms are also expected in the Cyclades, Crete, the eastern Aegean islands and the Dodecanese until Thursday morning.

In particular for  Attica , heavy rains and thunderstorms will occur from Tuesday mornings (10-12-2019) to early Wednesday mornings (11-12-2019).

At the same time, storms of 8 beaufort winds will blow east from Tuesday night (10-12-2019) until Wednesday afternoon (11-12-2019), possibly reaching the northern Aegean by 9 beaver, early morning hours of Wednesday.


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