The Nightmare of Fire another summer in Zakynthos



Last Friday night was a nightmare for the mountain villages of Maries and Exo Chora of the Municipal Unit of Elatia that lived for many hours the hell of the fire, which unfortunately burned hundreds of acres of forest land and crops.


The first big fire of the Summer started at 22.30 on Friday night from Exo Chora and moved quickly towards Marias. The start of the night in the middle of the night and while winds of great intensity were blowing, fatally leads to an incendiary action and unfortunately confirms that the forest wealth of the island remains in great danger.



The battle of the firefighters was all night and difficult, while the assistance of the air force was decisive with the first light of day: An eriscon helicopter and the Super Puma of the Fire Brigade were operating all Saturday morning, which fortunately found itself in a recession even after many hours.


In the firefighting operation, in addition to the forces of the Zakynthos Fire Brigade and the Elatia ladder, 5 more vehicles and 12 men from Western Greece participated, who arrived on Saturday morning from Kyllini, as well as 10 people who are part of its pedestrian section. EMAK. The Regional Commander of the Fire Service G. Panopoulos was to be in Zakynthos from the early morning hours of Saturday, who finally returned to Corfu by order of the headquarters, closely following the operation coordinated by Commander Zakynthopoulos Chlog.

Speaking to E, Mr. Panopoulos addressed a warm appeal to the residents of the island to protect their place.

Preparation for evacuation of the village

From the first hours of the fire, a coordination was started for the possibility of evacuation of the village of Marries, following an order from the Civil Protection as the flames were moving with great momentum. KTEL buses were in the square all night to transport about 300 residents of the village if needed, while the PEZ Civil Protection Service had notified Mr. Tsourounakis’ hotel in Kalamaki about the hospitality. Fortunately, such a business did not have to be activated. The villagers were alert when they saw the danger approaching.



The local authorities

From the very first moment, Deputy Regional Governor G. Stasinopoulos, Mayor Nikitas Aretakis, Deputy Mayor Vivian Kapsabeli, the Presidents of Exochora and Maria, the relevant officials and officials of the Anti-Civil Protection Group, the Region and the Municipality were present at the front. of course residents of the area. Police, who took part in the operation with significant force, patrolled the village while blocking the main road from Exo Chora to Maries.

Deputy Regional Governor G. Stasinopoulos stated that all the planned actions were taken and the villagers were alerted to the possibility of evacuation. “We gave whatever machine was requested by the Fire Service. We have constant communication with the Archive of the Fire Brigade, the Regional Director G. Panopoulos and of course the Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa “, he stated.



Mayor Nikitas Aretakis spoke clearly about arson, saying: “The fire started in the middle of the night and we could not deal with it by air. We have secured as much water as the Fire Department needs and I am optimistic that the village will not be endangered. I’m sure it’s an arson because it happened overnight. We have been afraid for a long time that we would have a difficult summer. The weather helped us, otherwise the village would have been threatened “, while the Deputy Mayor of Elatia V. Kapsabeli noted that unfortunately every summer Zakynthos is burning.


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