Flight ban: Tourism opens July 1 – For which 9 countries will the ban continue?



According to information from protothema.gr, a ban on flights will continue for 9 countries – See in detail what they are

From July 1, tourism in Greece will “open” as international arrivals will be allowed at all airports in the country.

According to information from protothema.gr, the countries for which the ban on flights will continue to apply are:



United Arab Emirates
Saudi Arabia
Northern Macedonia

The list takes into account the prevalence of coronavirus in different countries and the criteria are based on epidemiological data.

From July 1, tourism in the island country will be inaugurated as we will have arrivals at all airports.

Also, from July 1, the arrival of ships from abroad to Greek ports is fully allowed for sea arrivals. In this way, the entry of travelers from Italy will be allowed.

All travelers to Greece will complete their contact details in Greece upon arrival (or before boarding) a specific electronic form (Passenger load factor) either via the internet, application or on paper.


Sampling tests will be performed and there will be quarantine hotels in the provincial capitals, where those who have tested positive for the virus will stay for 14 days.


Source: www.protothema.gr



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