Zakynthos: 83 forest fires occurred and 7,500 acres of burned land!

The report of the 2019 fire season
As we count down to the expiration of this year’s fires, data on our island unfortunately bring Zakynthos to the areas where the largest fires in Greece were caused, and even at a time when we already measured the second fortnight of September and had quiet summer.

Specifically regarding Zakynthos from 1 May 2019 until 30 September 2019 a total of 83 forest fires occurred:

The 70 were recorded by the Zakynthos Fire Service and the remaining 13 by the Fire Service step in the mountains. The total burnt forest area is about 7,500 acres with 7,200 coming from the great fire in Keri, Agala and Lithakia that broke out on Sunday, September 15th.






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