Zakynthos The “ Garbage Island “ !!!!

Pictures in c. Mothōnaiou (bus station road)… who has the responsibility? – the bus? Or the citizens? -… the chartokouta

In any case, the following images are the result of the a of some, who consider their “Self-evident right”, to pollute the island, systematically leaving the garbage bags, usually open, outside the bins, but also some shopkeepers, (as shown by boxes), throw away waste and recyclable materials, where it suits them.

It is true that the new municipal authority started reluctantly, but with great efforts, it attempts to remove the bulky objects from sensitive areas, as well as to progress smoothly, the collection of waste.
For many months, citizens have been waiting for local bodies to be interested and to intervene effectively, but without the previous municipal authority and the services involved in the matter, the fair result.


The reaction of citizens to this totally insulting image, with the risks posing for human health, was and remains, reasonable. However, if this situation is to be overturned, it is necessary, it is urgent, that citizens should be actively involved, even more when the municipal authority shows that it is available for this cooperation, giving the first positive signs of writing.


Temporary Awakening, does not give meaningful solutions, needs change of mind. Each of us must know and understand the consequences of our actions and actions. We must at all costs stop the unjust and unjust abuse, which leads to always moving, as it serves us, or even better as it suits us.
By our own actions, we reduce the quality of our lives and contaminate the environment and the ecosystem.
Clearly the lack of infrastructure, single, policy and strategy for waste management is on the basis of the local authorities, while on a broader scale, the state, which, among other things, is required to give the right direction, for change in the management of these issues, remaining ALWAYS ALERT.

Sometimes responsibilities are on the municipal authorities, sometimes the citizens and sometimes both together. But today we are talking about our responsibilities.
In any case it is a result of lack of education and that this involves.

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